Why Your Vehicle Branding Should Be 3M Only

Why Your Vehicle Branding Should Be 3M Only

Ensuring high quality fleet graphics

Vehicle branding is a great way to boost your brand visibility, but for quality results be sure to use a 3M-approved supplier.


Clever and effective marketing is key to the success of any business. There are some great marketing tools out there for small businesses, from direct mail to social media, but an increasing number of companies are choosing fleet vehicle branding to get their name in front of potential customers.

Fleet vehicle branding involves applying graphics to your company vehicles, essentially turning them into moving billboards for your organisation. Combining low cost and high impact it’s a really effective way of grabbing people’s attention and boosting the visibility of your brand.

Quality is key

Research has shown that branded vehicles can receive up to 3,000 impressions per hour and, for many people, your branded vehicle will be the first contact they have with your organisation. With this in mind it’s vital to ensure that your graphics are done well. Poor quality fleet graphics could reflect negatively on your brand and even damage your reputation, so, it’s important to opt for high quality finishes that have been specially designed and formulated for this purpose – such as those offered by 3M graphics.

3M is a science-based technology company, and a market leader in vehicle graphics and signage. Users of 3M graphics can benefit from durable and good quality materials, minimal installation and removal costs, and adhesive technologies that enable graphics to be installed quickly and easily. The graphics themselves offer a striking, high quality and durable finish, and should be the only option if you’re looking to create branded fleet graphics that present your business in the best possible light.

Approved partners

Finding a trusted company to carry out your vehicle branding can sometimes be difficult but 3M has a network of approved partners for you to choose from. This network is made of suppliers who have signed up to a high standard of graphic production, have a proven record in the graphics industry, and have a thorough understanding of 3M graphic films and their application.

By using a 3M Select Graphic Partner for your vehicle branding you can be sure that you are entrusting your brand to a highly qualified graphics company that has had to meet rigorous standards when it comes to its hardware and software components, staff training, production environment, storage facilities and – crucially – quality control. Your graphics will also be manufactured under a 3M warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence that your marketing investment is built to last.

Make an impact

As well as ensuring your graphics are of a good standard, there are other aspects you need to consider to ensure your branded vehicles have the biggest possible impact. Before ordering your vehicle wraps, think carefully about your target audiences and what key messages you want to convey. When it comes to the design itself, simple is always best. It can be tempting to include as much information as possible, but this runs the risk of confusing potential customers. For the best results, opt for a bold, eye-catching design that is consistent with your branding and places your key messages front and centre.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. And with good quality 3M graphics, you won’t need one.

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