What to Expect From Your First SoccerDays Football Class

How Your Child Can Benefit from Football Lessons

Take your little one along to a SoccerDays football class this summer, and you’ll be impressed at just how much they can learn.

Looking to boost your toddler’s motor skills, social skills and just encourage them to have fun? Then why not look into toddler football classes? SoccerDays run some of the most highly regarded football classes for toddlers – here’s what you can expect from your child’s first class.

Indoor locations

The first thing that you will notice is that a SoccerDays class is held in a spacious, indoor location. They know that, all too often, the weather can get in the way of fun activities that parents have planned. So, all classes are held indoors. As a parent, that’s very reassuring. There’s going to be no last-minute cancellations because of a sudden downpour, no panic because you can’t find some sunscreen, and best of all, no muddy football kits to wash! There’s sure to be a venue hosting SoccerDays lessons near you, so take a look!

Brilliant coaches

All SoccerDays classes are led by coaches with a real passion for teaching kids about the beautiful game. They have been carefully selected for their football knowledge, friendly personalities and of course, their kindness, patience, and compassion. The coaches at SoccerDays are fully FA qualified too and have passed all of the relevant Safeguarding and DBS checks.

Football skills

You can expect your child to start picking up an impressive array of football skills from their very first lesson. However, they’re not learning just from looking and listening in a classroom. As any parent knows, at such a young age, learning needs to be fun. So, your son or daughter will learn about football through play. The activities that they try will be totally age-appropriate and will allow them to learn without feeling any pressure or stress. It will also show them that regular physical activity can be fun – and they will burn off lots of that excess toddler energy!

Making friends

A SoccerDays football class isn’t just an opportunity for your child to learn all about football though – it’s a chance for them to make friends too. Your toddler will be in a class with children of their own age, so there’s no need to worry about them not being able to keep up with older children. They will be encouraged to work together and take part in friendly competition – both of which will help your child to develop great social skills. A football class is a great way to prepare them for school, and they will become very comfortable around their peers.

Give it a go today!

Why not give SoccerDays a try this summer? The very first class is free, so you can see if it’s right for you and your child at no cost. If they like it, then it’s so easy to sign up for classes. Sports are very beneficial for children, and getting them into football at such a young age will give them a passion for the game for life.

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