Using Van Graphics to Attract New Customers

Vehicle livery that promotes your business

Fleet vehicle branding offers a simple and effective way for companies to increase their visibility and win new business.

As a business, marketing can sometimes be a struggle, particularly if you lack the necessary budget or in-house expertise. But branded vehicle graphics can offer a simple, cost-effective way to increase your reach and get your name in front of potential new customers.

For the uninitiated, fleet vehicle branding simply involves applying graphics or decals to your company vans or cars, essentially turning them into a moving advertisement for your business – and an increasing number of companies are waking up to its promotional potential.

Increased reach

The great thing about branded van graphics is that your marketing isn’t restricted to just one location – you can spread your brand messaging wherever you or your workers happen to be driving. It is one of the most effective ways of building awareness of your brand and getting your name in front of new audiences, with statistics suggesting that this type of advertising can achieve up to 60,000 impressions every day. And if just a small fraction of this audience turns into paying customers, it can be counted as a successful marketing exercise.

Cost effective

Another advantage of choosing fleet vehicle branding is that it is a highly cost-effective marketing channel. For relatively little outlay, branded vehicles give you increased visibility all day, every day and, when done well, can last for years – and with research claiming that branded vehicle wrapping is more effective than any other form of advertising at increasing brand recognition, it offers businesses a great return on investment.

Go bold

In order to get the most impact from your branded vehicles, it’s important to think carefully about the design.

Unlike more traditional forms of advertising which often come with restrictions, vehicle branding offers much more creative freedom enabling you to create a design that has the biggest possible impact. So, make the most of this freedom with a creative design that really catches people’s attention and stands out from the competition.

Bearing in mind that you need your messages to be read while your vans are travelling at speed, big and bold designs tend to have the biggest impact. Opt for simple, eye-catching graphics that clearly convey your key messages and avoid cluttering the space with too much text or too many images as this can confuse customers and make it difficult for them to discern the important information.

For a cohesive, consistent effect, it’s also important to ensure that the design fits with the look and feel of your company branding and ties in with your wider marketing strategy.

Quality is key

Quality is another key consideration when it comes to branding your fleet vehicles. For many people, your branded vehicles will be the first contact they have with your organisation, so you want to make sure that their first impression is a good one. A poor-quality finish can reflect negatively on your brand, potentially causing you to lose business.

To avoid this, make sure you hire a trusted supplier who is experienced in this area of work and comes with good recommendations.

Fleet vehicle branding has a lot of potential to help you grow your business. And with careful planning, creative thinking and a good supplier, you can turn your company vehicles into your most powerful marketing tool.

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