Time to Give Your Property a Spring Clean

Spring has arrived, so it’s time to spruce up your home with these easy cleaning tips!

If your house is in need of a good Spring clean from top to bottom, but you don’t know where to start, follow these clean-easy tips to get your house sparkling!

Spring has officially arrived which means we are set to get (a little) more sunshine, plants have started flowering and we’ve got that little niggling urge that there’s something else we should be doing – yes, it’s cleaning!

Get Your Cleaning Equipment Ready

You won’t get very far without the right equipment! Head to the shops, or gather your resources together at home, to make the jobs a lot easier. At the very least, you should have in your kit: rubbish bags, a dustpan and brush, rubber gloves, an all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, a duster, disinfecting wipes, a few empty boxes and plenty of sponges and cloths!

If you think you need a heavy-duty cleaning company to tackle areas like stubborn patches on carpets and rugs, you should consider hiring London rug cleaners who can restore the appearance of carpets back to clean, healthy state.

Make A List Of What Needs Spring Cleaning

Make a list of every room or space in the house that could do with a freshen up, so that you can work through it systematically. That way, if the cleaning takes longer than you think, at least you can tick off what you’ve done, then pick it up quickly! The key zones worth noting down are the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, carpets and windows.

Declutter The Home

A Spring clean is the perfect opportunity to give your house a good scrub and to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore. We’re all guilty of hoarding from time to time, so it’s good to take some time out to look through clothes and accessories that can be donated to good causes like local charities. There are many creative ways to declutter your home, like writing lists, taking on challenges or simply using your imagination!

Tackle The Kitchen

It’s time to take on the biggest challenge – the kitchen! Over the course of a year the room is bound to build up with grease, grime and dirt so starting here gets things off to the best start.

Empty the cupboards and throw anything away that is out of date, and give the cabinets a good clean and wipe down with an antibacterial cleaner whilst they’re empty. Run your pots and pans through a dishwasher cycle and deep clean the oven. Clear out the fridge freezer for any food that’s passed its best and wipe down the equipment like the microwave, hob and worktops. Finish up by vacuuming the floor and then using a bleach solution to mop the floor.

Tackle The Bathroom

The bathroom picks up grime over time, which doesn’t always get cleaned up in the usual monthly once-over. To achieve bathroom bliss, put all your toiletries into a box out the way whilst you clean. Polish bathroom furniture and mirrors to polish off any dirt or grime. Use a cream cleaner to wash the shower, bath, sink and toilet. Use a mop to work your way over the bathroom tiles with a strong cleaning product.

Tackle The Bedroom

The bedroom should be the one place in the house where you can relax, but more often than not it becomes a dumping ground for clothes, shoes and odds-and-ends.

Get your bedroom back by organising your wardrobe and drawers, and wash all of your bedding so it’s folded up and ready to use. Polish any furniture in the room and dust off the skirting boards. Vacuum the room from top to bottom to ensure all dust and grime has been removed!

Finish The Odd Jobs

Now the big jobs are done, you can wrap up the mini-jobs that won’t take long but can make the world of difference. Clean your windows inside and out to make them extra shiny. Check out the walls and touch up any areas where paint has been chipped or marked. Empty out the vacuum cleaner and check all fire and carbon monoxide alarms – very important!

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