The Health and Environmental Benefits of Using an Electric Bike

The Health and Environmental Benefits of Using an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are revolutionising the way that we travel. Here are five good reasons why electric bikes are good for both your health and the environment.

Cycling is seen as the new driving; bike commuting, cycle-share programmes and expanding bike-line networks are cropping up everywhere, but whilst attitude are changing towards cycling, so are bikes themselves.


Easier travel

Most people don’t like to cycle to work because of the sweaty, messy feeling afterwards – after all, who wants to walk into a staff meeting sweating through your clothes? Electric bikes however are designed for cruising with little movement needed, just good balance and stability. They are easy to commute on and neatly fold up after use so that they don’t take up much room.

Strengthens your core

Whilst electric bikes can help you up steep inclines and to cover ground faster, it is also considerably heavier than a normal bike. So, when you’re steering the electric bike, you’re using your core to embrace every twist and turn, as the extra equipment on the bike makes for a more challenging ride.

Leaves a lighter carbon footprint

As electric bikes don’t consume gas, it will emit a lot less carbon than a car would. In 2011, the European Cyclists’ Federation found that when comparing electric bikes to cars, the bikes emitted just 8.1% per passenger per kilometre, of CO2 that a car spits out. Research also showed that if 10% of New York City commuters biked to work once a week, instead of driving or taking public transport, they could cut back on 120 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

More savings

In most places in the world, riding an electric bike doesn’t require a special license, registration or insurance. Therefore, investment costs are almost nothing in comparison to a buying and maintaining a car. Electric bikes do vary in cost, but most start at around £900. Replacing the battery can be the pricey part, but when you think about toll costs and parking tickets, it’s a much cheaper alternative.

Safer riding

An electric bike poses significantly less risks to your vital signs than a speeding vehicle does. First of all, the speed on an electric bike isn’t anywhere near what a car can do, and riding in the correct lanes keeps you out of the direct path of cars, lessening the risk of colliding with one.

They aren’t 100% safe of course, as it carries the same safety concerns as a regular two-wheel bike. Make sure to wear your helmet, don’t drink and drive, don’t ignore traffic rules or wear any headphones.

Bikes, of any kind, are more stable and controllable in motion than cars are, so accelerating with the throttle allows riders to navigate tighter turns better.

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