The Benefits of Training in Boxing Shoes

The Benefits of Training in Boxing Shoes

Taking up a new sport and buying all of the appropriate equipment can drain you financially, so it’s tempting to skimp on items such as specialised Adidas boxing boots until you’re sure you’re going to enjoy the sport. But wearing the correct boxing shoes during training can help to improve your footwork, which is a vital element of boxing.

Boxing shoes help you to move quickly and feel light and supportive to wear. Here, we summarise what the benefits of training in boxing shoes are.



Boxing shoes weigh less than many athletic shoes, which helps boxers to move lightly on their feet and to change their direction and stance frequently – an important element of boxing. Boxing boots should feel as if you aren’t wearing any shoes at all, and are usually made of a light material such as leather or suede.


Boxing boots often have a thin rubber sole to help keep grip on surfaces, without holding you too firmly to the ground.  Shoes with a tread provide traction, even if your sweat makes the ring slippery during training.


Boxing shoes are available in a variety of styles, including high-top, mid-top and low-top. The high-top version provides more support and protection to the ankle and lower shins. You can choose any style that fits you best, but the majority of boxers prefer the low-top version for workouts as they provide greater mobility.


The permeable material of boxing boots allows sweat to evaporate from the feet, keeping feet fresh, cooler and drier in the ring. Some boots also have a thermal regulating mesh window incorporated into the shoe to provide breathability.


There are many advantages to wearing boxing shoes whilst training, the most important being the ankle support they provide and the comfort. Check out the best boxing shoes for 2018 and find a suitable pair for your new sport.

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