The Benefits of Aluminium Doors

The Benefits of Aluminium Doors

A front door is the main focus point for many family homes, and the popular material of choice is turning from wood to aluminium as they combine security, style and insulation; the three most important elements for anyone buying a new front door.

Using the highest quality materials not only enhances the look of the property, but also offers the family home a higher level of security. Aluminium doors Surbiton are becoming increasingly popular, with Surbiton Glass stocking an extensive range of aluminium front doors.



Each aluminium door is made to measure with bespoke sizes available. Aluminium doors are often fitted with a high security locking cylinder, so home owners can be assured that the home is fully protected.


Every family home is different; varying in style, décor and appearance. Aluminium doors come in various styles and colours to fit modern and traditional houses. The modern styles are often the most popular, such as the simplistic design with glass stripes down the centre.


Insulation is an extremely important factor to consider when choosing your front door. Aluminium doors are often manufactured from a hot-insulated aluminium profile. This ensures that the door is extremely strong, rigid and has a very high point of insulation. When deciding on a new front door, it’s a good idea to considering choosing a level of insulation. The extra cost will be cost-effective over time with lower utility bill costs.

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