Team Building Ideas for A Small Office

Team Building Ideas for A Small Office

Believe it or not, you can have fun at work! Switch things up in the office and try some new, fun team building exercises to get everyone mingling and bonding together.


Go out for the evening

Head to a local bar for a cocktail masterclass, where master mixologists teach you how to mix, shake, crush and drink! An interactive masterclass is the perfect start to an evening out, where you can create your own cocktails and sample others. Zing Events, a specialist London corporate events company, specialise in this very activity!

If you have competitive people in the office, why not turn the cocktail masterclass into a competition! Split the team in half and have each one make and present their own cocktail. It will be the base for a great night out, and a way to get the team working together in a different environment!

Take your team out of the office

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but taking your team out for the day keeps morale high and helps everyone to bond well. It could be something adventurous, like paintballing or go-karting, or just a day out bowling and lunch.

Office makeover

If your office is in need of a few changes, work as a team to spruce it up! Get the team to create a simple list of things that could do with an overhaul. It doesn’t have to be a big budget job, but minor changes like adding some new plants, decorations or a few colourful cushions and throws in the lounge can really make a difference. The end result? A snazzier looking office and a stronger team!

Outdoor team building activities

Take the team outside for meetings when you can for some fresh air and sun. Being outdoors will instantly lighten everyone’s mood and result in a much better office environment inside. A DIY team building activity outside is the best way to make use of time spent outside, such as a treasure hunt or adrenaline style activities.


Whatever activity your team chose to do, it will help boost team morale and concentration in the workplace!

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