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Is It Time For Escorts To Be Covered By A Union?

Better Working Rights Could Be on The Horizon

Most other professionals can join a union, so why shouldn’t that option be available to escorts?

Escorting is becoming a popular career choice, with women from all walks of life being attracted to the flexibility and great pay that it can offer. As more and more women become escorts though, the conversation surrounding the rights of these workers grows louder. Just recently, escorts were accepted into a union for the first time. So is this a good move? We certainly think so! Here’s how unionisation can benefit escorts.

Union representation

More rights for escorts and other workers in the adult industry has been something that’s been talked about for a long time, but very little has changed. Now though, a number of strippers have decided that enough is enough. They got in touch with United Voices of the World (UVW), a union which supports precarious workers such as those in the service industry, security staff, porters, and cleaners. Seeing the similarities between strippers and the workers it already represents, UVW has now opened its doors to all sex workers. That, of course, includes escorts.

Fear of speaking up

Escorts are often marginalised and left out of the conversation when it comes to worker’s rights. This has led to a mood of weary acceptance. Gia, one of the strippers leading the fight for more rights, sums it up perfectly. “A lot of the time people feel lucky their job is still legal, or that they still have one. They’re worried about making things worse by complaining,” she said. It’s this fear of speaking out that stops escorts and other sex workers from being heard.

How unions could help

So, how would unionisation help escorts? Well, it could help to tackle many of the problems sex workers face. With the backing of a union, escorts could fight restrictive zoning laws which prohibit soliciting in particular areas. They could also see more success in challenging arrests and fines, and would have the backing of their union representatives when it comes to standing up to exploitative bosses or chasing up late payments from clients. So being part of a union really could make life easier for a lot of escorts.

Full legalisation is the ultimate goal

Of course, all of those potential reforms would be a lot easier if sex work was fully legalised and recognised in the UK. Escort agencies, of course, operate fully within the law, but some other areas of the industry have to operate illicitly. Workers would be a lot more comfortable seeking the backing of a union if they knew that their line of work wasn’t going to land them in any trouble. If sex work was fully decriminalised, we imagine there would be unions solely dedicated to escorting springing up pretty quickly.

Stay safe with an agency

While more escorts sign up to unions and demand change, is there anything else that they can do? It’s always best to work at a high class agency like Elite VIP Models. Girls at the best agencies are really looked after, and will only be sent out on dates with fully vetted clients. The Elite VIP escorts get to spend time in the best bars, restaurants and hotels in London, and are treated like princesses by their affluent clients. Without the protection of a great agency, they could find themselves in dangerous situations.

Times are changing

The news that escorts are now welcome to join a union really could change the industry for the better. It’s something that few people could have dreamed of even as little as 10 years ago. Who knows how much the industry could progress in the next decade? One thing’s for sure – there’s never been a more exciting time to join the profession!

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