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How to Make Your Car Look Better Than New

Simple Steps to a Set of Wheels that will make you Proud

Most of us like the idea of a brand new car, but the reality seldom lives up to the expectation. That “new car” smell wears off quickly enough, and some new cars wait so long to be registered that the quick prepping that takes place at the dealership cannot disguise the fact that there’s a big difference between newly registered and newly manufactured.

Add to this the fact that the second you drive it away from the showroom, a brand new car loses 10 percent of its value, and you might start to wonder what all the fuss is about, especially when you can get your older car looking as good as – or even better than – new.

Get it detailed

If a full valet can be compared to treating your car to a spa day, professional car detailing is the equivalent of handing it over to a team of cosmetic surgeons and letting them work their magic. Many owners of new cars choose to have them detailed before driving them anywhere to correct any imperfections sustained during storage, so the suggestion that they can make your car look better than new is not mere hyperbole.

Detailers will start by giving the car a deep clean, inside and out. They will then be able to perform “cosmetic enhancement” on any imperfections in the paintwork to create a deep lustre. Finally, they will apply sealants or coatings that protect your car against further wear and damage.

Upgrade the tech

In the modern age, we can’t live without our gadgets, and the technology marches on so quickly that what was cutting edge just a couple of years ago can seem antiquated today. Most recently, Internet of Things technology has reached the automotive world, and modern cars come equipped with touchscreens, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity so that their systems can communicate with your phone, making communication, information and entertainment on the go an absolute breeze.

Upgrading your car to incorporate the latest technology might sound like a major retrofitting task, but shop around and you could be in for a surprise. Speak to the main dealer first, and then visit a couple of car audio and entertainment specialists. Keep in mind that upgrades like this will do wonders for the resale value of the car, so you can even think of it as an investment!

Deal with those niggles

Cars are far more reliable today than they used to be, but even so, there are some things that naturally become less efficient in time. Renewing your tyres won’t just make the driving experience more enjoyable, it could just save your life, especially in the winter months, so get them checked.

At the other extreme, the simple act of regassing the air conditioning system will transform your older car into a far more pleasant environment for those long road trips when spring finally comes around again.

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