How To Keep Pets Safe In Your Garden

For pet lovers who want to maintain a tidy garden, read these easy how-to steps!

We all love our pets, but sometimes they can run us wild with their destructive behaviour. Read these easy steps on how to keep your pets safe in the garden!

For pet lovers, life without furry friends is just not an option – even when there’s a garden to consider! But don’t worry, follow these easy pet-proofing steps to keep your pet safe when outside, and your garden safe from pets!

Cordon Off Areas

You can use suregreen fencing mesh to create a semi-permanent barrier around flowerbeds and other areas that you think need protecting. There’s a plastic mesh range and galvanised wire range, both of which are lightweight and flexible, so it can be rolled out the way when you need to work, and then put it back into place once you’re done.

Give Your Pets A Play Area

Create a designated play area where your pets, typically a dog in this situation, can run around, dig and do what they like! You could even dig out a sand pit and put your dog’s favourite toys in there for them – the possibilities are endless! Creating a zone for your pets to play in should control the garden and ensure it stays neat and tidy.

Use The Right Fertilisers

If you’re planning on using fertiliser in your garden, it’s important for you to do your research and make sure you find a pet-safe one. Non-toxic fertilisers tend to include manure, seaweed and compost – all of which are harmless to animals!

Avoid Toxic Plants

Many common plants and flowers are actually harmful to animals if they eat them. Harmful plants include lilies, daffodils and tulips! There are many other houseplants that are poisonous to pets , so it’s important to do your research and make sure the garden is inspected weekly to unsure none of these plants are growing.

Order Pet-Friendly Furniture

When purchasing garden furniture, it’s important to keep your pets in mind. If you’re interested in wooden furniture, make sure the wood preservative agents don’t contain harmful substances such as arsenic. Look for furniture that has been preserved with Tanalith E, which is generally safe for pets.

Be Careful With Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are great as it’s a way of monitoring what wildlife we have, but the build-up of bird droppings underneath them can contain dangerous bacteria. Keep your pets away from this by using strategically placed plants.

There are many easy ways to landscape under bird feeders, like planting low-growing shrubs under the feeders. Boxwood and holly shrubs are the perfect plants to have underneath the feeder, as only small ground birds will be able to get in.


A well-placed stone or gravel path can be useful for helping to dry off your dog’s muddy paws before they make their way into the house. For cats, a path made from cedar chips would be beneficial. Cedar chips are used as a non-toxic insect repellent for fleas and ticks. They would work well scattered on the path leading to the cat flap to prevent cats from getting fleas.

So there you have it, 7 easy steps on how to keep pets safe in your garden!

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