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How To Have A Romantic Weekend, Even If You’re Single

Why So Many Men Hire Models

There’s nothing like jetting off for a romantic weekend with a gorgeous woman on your arm.

If you’re a single guy, then chances are you think that a romantic weekend away is out of the realm of possibility. Well, that’s just not the case! Lots of single men are heading off on romantic mini breaks with gorgeous women on their arms. The secret behind their trips? They have chosen to hire a model for holiday. Models are fast becoming the companions of choice for busy, professional gentleman in the capital. Offering companionship that’s suited to you and your needs, for however long you need, they’re the perfect holiday companions. So here’s how to plan the ultimate romantic weekend.

Book ahead

First things first, book your model! It’s always important to book ahead, as the best models in London are always in really high demand. So you don’t want to have your heart set on a girl only to be disappointed when you get around to booking. Models are so popular with men because they offer so much convenience. Who else could you whisk away for a weekend without any worries about clashing schedules or rebuttals? Models are highly professional too, and what happens on your trip will remain just between the two of you.

It’s all about you

It’s important to take some proper time off to really enjoy your weekend. When we say take some proper time off, we mean completely free of any work commitments – even if that’s just answering some emails on your phone. This time is just for you and your model to enjoy. The best models in the capital are really outgoing, fun-loving and open-minded. So whatever you want to do during your trip, she’ll be happy to go along with it. Having her on your arm in your holiday pictures will make your friends back home green with envy too!

Be a gentleman

Treat your companion like a princess, even if this is a one off trip. Just as you would with a romantic partner, shower your model with compliments, never pressure her into doing anything that she doesn’t want to do and always go out of your way to make her feel comfortable. You may think that it doesn’t matter if you get along that well for the sake of an overnight stay, but trust us when we say that if you make an effort from the start, you’ll have much better chemistry. Even if you think that this trip is a one off right now, you might want to book your model again in the future! So make sure that she’d want to return the favour and spend time with you again.

Enjoy your trip!

Now that you know how to have a romantic weekend away despite your single status, there’s nothing stopping you! So, what’s next? Well, why not go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit? It could be in the UK, or perhaps you fancy jetting off to sunnier climes this winter? Wherever you decide to go, you can be confident that your model will be the perfect companion. Beautiful, friendly and with your needs at the forefront of her mind, she’s better than any holiday girlfriend you could wish for!

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