Hatfield Town Centre Redevelopment

Hatfield Town Centre £1.2million Makeover

Borough Council Unveils Latest Part of Regeneration Project

Anyone who spends time in the centre of Hatfield will be well aware of the upgrades that have already taken place in and around the centre of town. Plans unveiled by the borough council last month show that the next stage in this exciting project will take things to the next level.

The upgrades to White Lion Square are part of a broader modernisation project that has brought a contemporary look to the town centre, and started back in 2004 with the construction of a modern four star Hatfield business hotel on the site of the old, and decidedly uninspiring, Hatfield Lodge, which had been going into steady decline in the latter years of the 20th century.

This sparked a number of new projects, including the redevelopment of the former Bill Salmon Centre next to Asda, all of which fall under the long-term transformation project being managed by the Hatfield Renewals Partnership (HRP). There are a range of further projects in the pipeline for the next 15 years and beyond.

A new look for White Lion Square

Situated in the heart of the town centre, few would argue that there is still a decidedly 20th century look to White Lion Square, despite the work that has already taken place to upgrade the shop fronts and facades and to install improved lighting.

The next phase is currently still at the planning stage, but includes significant upgrades to the square’s canopy, White Lion House, where the council offices and other community facilities are located, and to 19 flats on the square.

The developments will aim to provide residents with a more welcoming community space, and will benefit local businesses by encouraging increased footfall.

A spokesman for the project said: “We’ve considered a range of new, modern design features to encourage people to spend time in White Lion Square and enjoy the outside space.”

Plans have gone on display for public view in the council building, and residents are being encouraged to share their insights, to make this a real community initiative.

Long term development plans

The developments completed to date have already generated significant interest from new businesses and residents looking to move into the town.

The recent formation of HRP will drive further development for the town’s continued transformation.  Stakeholders will work with external consultants to deliver a new strategic plan to drive continued growth and investment by identifying a series of initiatives and projects to directly benefit Hatfield, its residents and businesses.

Chairman of the HRP Board Quintin McKellar said: “This is a very exciting project for the whole of Hatfield.” He confirmed that the HRP will consult extensively with residents and businesses to create a long-term plan that shapes the future of the town.

Andrew Percival is Chairman of Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership. He said: “Hatfield has huge economic potential. We successfully secured £6 million from the Government for the town’s regeneration and we are committed to working with partners to ensure that Hatfield is an attractive and vibrant place to live, work and do business.”

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