Gifts For Crafting Mums

Gifts For Crafting Mums

Thoughtful Gifts For The Crafter In Your Life

Raising a family is as stressful as it is joyous, but mums who set aside some time to enjoy crafting will receive a number of stress-reducing benefits. Anxiety and depression are reduced by activities such as knitting, with knitting communities talking about how it helps improve mental health. Learning a new skill is a great boost to self-esteem, and there are also lots of social opportunities available with sewing or crochet groups. If you’re looking for a gift for a mum, whether she’s a complete beginner or an expert crafter, check out some of the below ideas that are guaranteed to be well-received.

Sock Monkey Craft Kit

This set is ideal for those who are new to both sewing and motherhood, and perhaps want to get started on their first project, creating a soft toy for their little one. A brightly coloured sock, some stuffing and some decorative buttons are all you need from this kit. The recipient will simply need to follow the instructions, and they’ll have a lovely cuddly monkey for their child to treasure forever.

Embroidered Baby Blanket

This idea makes a thoughtful gift for an expectant mother and comes in a variety of pink, blue or neutral colours depending on whether they’ve found out what they’re having. Pregnancy can be an anxious time, so this crafting set will help to keep the recipient grounded, staying focused on a single stitch at a time, rather than feeling stressed about what’s to come. Even complete beginners can give this a go, as there are full instructions available for how to cast on and off, and the creation of purl stitches. Mum-to-be will have a beautifully soft blanket for her baby in no time.

Personalised Sewing Box

Kids love getting into absolutely everything, but when it comes to crafting, unfortunately there are plenty of items that are unsuitable for little hands. If the person you’re buying for loves to stitch, then why not buy them a personalised sewing box to keep all their buttons, pins and threads organised and out of harm’s way? You can have your loved one’s name engraved into the box, along with a cute phrase such as ‘I love you sew much’ or ‘sew lovely’ on it.

Knitting Bag

If mum likes to take her knitting hobby outside of the home, then she’ll need a trendy bag to carry her project around with her. A simple cotton canvas bag can be printed with a slogan such as ‘Knit Me With Your Knitting Sticks’ and is a really handy way to organise both needles and yarn. She can throw it over her shoulder and head to the local ‘Stitch ‘n’ Bitch’ meetup with her head held high.

Stitch Your Own Passport Cover

Mums are often left holding everyone’s passports in the airport, and they can get in quite a muddle when you’re approaching security. Why not buy mum a ‘Stitch Your Own Passport Cover’ kit, and she’ll have great fun making you all a unique case. Now all you have to do is book her a holiday too!

The great thing about crafting is that there’s plenty to be inspired by when it comes to thinking of a thoughtful gift for your loved one. The mum you’re buying for will be excited to show off the finished project once she’s had fun completing it.

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