Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7?

Comparing 2017’s Hottest Smartphones

Apple and Samsung are the two most popular smartphone brands in the world – but which of their latest offerings is the best?

Choosing a smartphone can be tricky, what with so many different models out there. There’s no doubt that that market is saturated, but two brands always stand out from the crowd. Apple and Samsung have been two of the most popular brands for smartphone users for some time now, and that trend is showing no sign of slowing down. So if you’re town between the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S8, which one should you opt for? Here you’ll find out which of them would be a better buy for you.

Size? It’s everything

It’s easy to think that all smartphones offer much of the same thing. A camera, a touch screen, internet access, apps – the list goes on. Well, when you start to compare the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8, you do notice some pretty significant differences. First, the S8 has a much bigger display – 5.8 inches to the iPhone’s 4.7. True, it is heavier than the iPhone, but the increased heft and screen size will suit quite a few users. So if you’re going to be using your phone to watch movies or TV shows on the go, the Galaxy emerges as an early frontrunner.

New and familiar features

A real bugbear among iPhone users has been that the phone just doesn’t have a long battery life. Samsung has always endeavoured to outdo Apple when it comes to battery life, and the Galaxy S7, the S8’s predecessor, offered a whole day of use per charge. For photography enthusiasts, the Galaxy may be a better option thanks to its 12 megapixel camera with a f1/.7 aperture – a significant step up from the iPhone. The Galaxy also has some exciting new features that the iPhone doesn’t, such as wireless charging and iris scanner unlocking.


Considering how much we rely on our smartphones for work and play, a decent amount of storage is essential. The Galaxy S8 trumps the iPhone 7 here yet again. It starts at an impressive 64GB of storage compared to the iPhone’s 32. what’s more, it has a micro SD slot as well. So if you’re addicted to apps or are always snapping away with your camera, the Galaxy’s superior storage could swing it for you.

A bargain Galaxy

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a Samsung smartphone but don’t want to break the bank, why not look for a second-hand model? A refurbished Galaxy S7 is the perfect option for those who want a Samsung phone at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. Second-hand definitely doesn’t mean second best, and a refurbished phone will work just as well as a new handset.


Which one comes out on top?

Both the iPhone and the Galaxy are the undisputed superstars of the smartphone market. However, where Apple were once very much at the top of the pile, Samsung are quickly catching up. With innovative new features, lots of storage and a super-sized screen, the Galaxy S8 is definitely the better handset out of the two. Apple are certainly going to have to pull out all the stops with their next iPhone to regain the smartphone throne.

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