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Five Benefits of Granite Worktops

How this classic natural stone can enhance and improve your kitchen

For many, there is an assumption that natural stone worktops such as granite are an appealing but expensive choice. While granite isn’t a bargain basement option, it’s not now as costly in real terms as it once was and, when other benefits are taken into account, could be a very cost effective choice in the longer run.

The following benefits may encourage you to take a look at granite and consider it for that new kitchen or revamp. If so you’ll be in good company; many professional chefs specify granite worktops in their kitchens due to its durability and low maintenance.

Cost effectiveness

In absolute terms, granite is potentially less expensive than previously. With many natural stone specialists such as these granite worktop suppliers in Essex offering a wide range of options, you could find something at an attractive price suitable for your kitchen.

There’s no doubt a quality fitted kitchen makes a big difference to the enjoyment of a home as more time nowadays is generally spent by householders in their kitchens, so granite worktops will provide an aesthetic appeal for many years to come. Also, when the time comes to sell the property, the inclusion of top quality natural stone worktops will help its resale potential.

Once you’ve fitted granite worktops in a shade and finish of your choice, you’re unlikely to want or need to ever replace them so there are no further heavy costs down the line.

Low maintenance

You’re unlikely to spend much time cleaning and maintaining your granite worktops. It’s advisable to seal them about once a year, but this is very easy and similar to polishing your car – albeit far simpler as the surfaces are totally flat.

Otherwise, apart from the occasional wipe over, you’ll likely only need to clean the workshops with a mild solution of soap and water now and then.

Highly durable

Granite is very hard wearing and durable and, as a result, will keep its looks for many years. It’s scratch resistant and can withstand extreme heat so if you find yourself having to put a hot pan down directly onto the worktop it shouldn’t leave a mark.

You’ll find granite doesn’t stain very easily or absorb liquids so long as it’s been sealed properly.

Attractive finish

Granite simply looks great, and can be specified in a welter of different colours and patterns. You should be able to find a colour and pattern combination that exactly suits your kitchen and your preferred look.

Practical in use

Another reason professional chefs love granite is because of its anti-bacterial properties and, being a smooth and cool surface, it can be used easily and safely for food preparation. For example, pastry can be rolled out easily on a granite worktop.

Cost saving tip

If you like the idea of having a natural stone like granite as part of your kitchen set up but might find the price of fitting it to all your worktops a little too much to bear, there is an option. You could fit granite to just a ‘highlight’ area such as your kitchen island if you have one and use a laminate for the other surfaces.

As it’s a one-off piece of granite, you may – if you’re lucky – get an off cut section at a reduced price from your worktop supplier.

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