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Developing a Better Wine Label

How To Spark an Emotional Connection With a Customer

A good label has so much persuasive power, and wine companies can do a lot more to convince customers.

The persuasive powers of a great product label are well known, but when it comes to wine, labels play an even bigger part than we realise. A recent study by experts at the University of Adelaide found that people are much more likely to pay more for a bottle of wine if it uses strong, emotive language. Not only will they pay more for it, but they’ll enjoy it more too – which will in turn, make them more likely to repeat the purchase. So if you’re hoping that your wine will make a good impression with customers, here’s how to create an outstanding label.

The market has grown

With more and more varieties becoming household staples, the wine market has never been more competitive. It’s not just wines from different grapes and regions that customers are choosing between though. There are now so many different wines from the same kind of grape, and people are having to choose between two wines that won’t taste too different and are often priced similarly. So how do you stand out in such a saturated market? Labels do play a huge part in influencing buyers’ opinions, but companies could be doing so much more to grab their attention.

The right kind of copy

We’re all familiar with the kind of language that’s found on a wine label. Vague, flowery language that when you distil it, actually says very little. Using this kind of language is an attempt to draw in as many customers as possible, but by being more specific you could attract more attention. Including some interesting information about the origins of the wine, perhaps a short note from the winemaker themselves, will help the customer to develop a much more personal relationship with the wine. Which leads us on to our next point – bringing technology into the mix!

Take it online

One tool that is consistently underutilised is the QR code. They’ve become a regular feature on all kinds of product labels, but could really be out to good use on a wine label. You only have a limited amount of space to fit your copy in, so why not invite the customer to find out more by scanning the code? By viewing a short video or reading a simple recipe to serve their wine with, a customer’s personal connection with the wine can be reinforced. Don’t forget to mention social media too – it’s a powerful marketing tool that more and more companies are using.

Finding the right designer

The entire purpose of wine labels is to make a bottle stand out on the shelf, and oddly enough, that’s where some manufacturers have been getting it wrong with their label copy. Giving your wine label some individuality and a hint of intrigue will draw a customer in, and will help you to build a good relationship with them. As well as great copy, you’ll need a great design too – which is why you should always call in the professionals. With the skills, expertise and resources to set your wine apart from its competitors, you’ll soon be toasting success together!

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