Businesses Must Learn from The Grenfell Tower Disaster

Fire alarm call point signThe devastating effects of Grenfell Tower should be a stark reminder to businesses on how to ensure the importance of fire safety and equipment.

Following the recent devastating fire at Grenfell Tower, it’s more important than ever to ensure businesses and workplaces in the country use correct fire signage and equipment in the event of a fire breaking out.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to make sure that businesses in the UK are fully compliant with all fire safety rules and regulations to ensure employees and visitors are safe. Fire signs are one of the most important forms of a signage to have in a building. In the event of a fire breaking out, the signs direct people where to go to stay safe.

Other important fire safety equipment includes fire alarms, sprinklers and fire blankets. The equipment should be regularly tested to ensure it is in good working order.

Fire safety regulations

The UK has strict fire safety regulations in place that businesses are required to follow. Every business must have a designated ‘Responsible Person’ whose job it is to make sure duties are carried out, and that action is taken to prevent fires and prevent injury or death if a fire occurred.

All businesses must have a fire risk assessment and fire safety log book, which is something that needs to be shown to a fire inspecting officer when inspecting the premises.

Fire safety penalties

Failure to present the fire risk assessment and log book can result in a substantial fine and a requirement to carry out the correct works, or if the negligence has resulted in a fire which put people at risk, it could result in a prison sentence.

By ensuring a business is fully equipped with the correct fire signage and fire equipment, businesses can help to reduce the likelihood of a fire and protect customers and employees from danger.

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