Work Nights Out with A Difference

As soon as you hear the words “team building exercise” it makes the majority of our stomachs churn.

What could be worse than standing out in the cold getting ready to play games or sitting in a hall with someone giving you a not-so inspiring pet talk?

But team building activities do not have to be so mundane. There is a company ready to stamp out that stigma with a mighty force.

That company being Zing Events.

Incorporating team building into a social event works wonders, and that is exactly what Zing are about.

Zing are a Corporates Event company changing the stigma around team building activities and jazzing them up for the 21st century. Zing Events are recognised for producing and delivering unique team building activities, stamping out the stigma around taking part in team building activities.

Founded in January 2012, Zing has maintained a high client profile by frequently working with many FTSE 100 companies. But big businesses are not Zings only interests! They also cater for smaller businesses and charities, too.

Team building is the most important investment you can make for your team. It can help to build trust, stamp out conflict, encourage communication and increase the energy and drive in your team. The most successful and memorable team-building events are the ones that are fun and interactive.

Zing Events were on a short list of 12, from the original 1000 entries, for the Marketing Society Excellence Awards in 2015. They created a bespoke team building activity roadshow for a Global Transaction Services company who wanted to engage their workforce in their brand values.

Zing pride themselves in positive customer feedback and what they are thought of as a company, which makes all the effort worthwhile. They use an independent and impartial review platform for their clients to comment on after a team building day.

Team building experts Andy Wells and Charlie Berry have almost 20 years of experience in the industry and set up Zing Events as a result to create fun, trendy activities that will make an impact on the teams that take part in them. The team building activities are designed to target different learning outcomes to engage and inspire guests.

Zing work with their clients, not for them, to create fun and worthwhile events for them. They cater for 10-person team building activities, to a 500-person conference energiser.

Zing specialise in indoor, outdoor and evening entertainment – so if you are looking for indoor team building in London activities in London, Zing is your go-to! There are a vast amount of activities, including: Musical Zingo, Murder Mystery, Multi-activity Day, Crystal Maze, Treasure Hunt, Choc Box Challenge and Urban Eat to name just a few!

Trying new things with your team can generate positive vibes among your employees which in return will benefit your business. And most of all, keep the positive vibes from your team building exercises or activities back into the work place; it will have a knock on effect on the team and will encourage to give that little bit more.

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